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Brand New Classic Cars

Would you drive a brand-new “classic” car? Why do people love classic cars? There’s a certain type of person that drives a classic car. Their definition of a night out is when they accidentally fall asleep in the garage (again). They work on their car not only because they need to, but because they want […]


Driving A Race Car to Work Every Day

Imagine heading to work. You grab your keys, just like every other day, and head to your car to make the familiar commute. But unlike every other day, you’re driving a race car. You would rumble into work in a low, thunderous monster of a race car with cage and all. Your colleagues could be […]

Car Conversions for People with Disabilities

Despite what some people might think, getting around when you have a disability isn’t impossible. On the contrary, some people with mobility impairments have taken the world by storm by taking mobility to the next level. Formula One driver Alex Zanardi doesn’t let his impairment keep him from speeding around a track. While not everyone […]

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Have You Ever Bought a Stolen Vehicle?

  Buying a car is as exciting as it is nerve-wracking. Making the wrong decision could set you back financially and even get you into legal trouble if you’re not careful. With the influx of millions of cars into the pre-owned market, it is often hard to keep track of where they’re coming from. A […]

How Handicapped Parking Actually Works

Most drivers are familiar with the burning anger you feel when you walk to a store all the way from the other side of the parking lot only to find someone parked illegally (and often terribly) in the handicapped parking. What exactly are the rules regarding these accessible parking spots and who is meant to […]

Travelling with A Service Dog: Here’s what you need to know

Many of us are preparing for our long-awaited and much-needed December break. We’re packing cars, planning routes, and making arrangements for our pets. But what about those of us who are taking our dogs with us? Many people who need service dogs need them by their side no matter what. In this article we focus […]