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It’s time to sell your car if…

Sell Your Car If


Buying a new car is exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. You might wonder whether you’ve made the right decision or just wasted a fortune on the wrong one. Whatever the case may be, that excitement unfortunately wears off eventually and oftentimes it might be replaced by apprehension. Although you might feel that you’ll never need another car in your entire life, that usually isn’t the case. People sell their cars for a multitude of different reasons and not all of them are negative. Here are a few signs that it might be time to sell your car.

It might be time to sell your car if…

It’s not road-worthy or safe anymore.

While you might not get a fortune for it or trade it in for a sportscar, you can still sell a damaged car in a variety of different ways. Many people opt to sell their cars piece by piece if they’ve been damaged beyond repair. Another option is to contact a reputable junk car buyer that will often evaluate, buy, and tow your vehicle after the sale. This of course all depends on the degree of damage that the car has and whether it runs at all. The best advice is to contact a professional that can inspect your car and help you decide on the best course of action.

You can’t afford it anymore.

Times are tough on almost everyone these days and we’re all compromising to still make ends meet. But if your car is contributing to sleepless nights worrying about its ridiculously high fuel consumption or monthly down-payment, then it might be time to consider going for a more affordable method of transportation. Regardless of whether that means buying a cheaper car or making use of public transport instead, selling your car might give you a bit more financial freedom.

Your lifestyle has changed.

You might have recently had a child and you need space for a car seat, or maybe you’ve moved into an apartment with a tiny garage and your SUV just won’t fit. Maybe you’re moving across the world and you’ve finally realised fitting your “perfect” car on the plane just isn’t going to happen. Your lifestyle has a huge impact on your mobility and vice versa. The one changes with the other and when it’s time to make your decision, make sure you’re considering its long-term implications as well.


That being said, this article isn’t meant to encourage you to sell your car immediately. In the end, you’re the only person that can decide when and if you’re ready to part with your car despite its impracticality. If you’re still unsure or wary about whether or not you’re ready to sell your car, contact us at Mobility-Online for in-depth, professional automotive advice. Regardless of why, you should rather focus on how you’re going to sell your car. Check out some of our other articles on how to sell, trade in and auction off your car in South Africa. Who knows? You might be making your best decision yet.