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We’re disrupting the local motor industry and we’re proud of it. Mobility-Online is more than just a revolutionary platform to buy or sell a vehicle. We offer a 360˚ vehicle solution wherever and whenever you 

need it.Whether you’re buying or selling a new or used vehicle, or want to book a service, looking for an auto body repair establishment, buying a part or even renting a vehicle – Mobility-Online is the trusted solution to all your needs.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and a vast amount of experience in the local motor industry, we’re able to provide you with credible, trustworthy service from well-known superior suppliers with who we have formed valuable relationships over the years.

The following entities form part of the Leisure Mobility Group:

The Vehicle Billboard
Silver Fox Digital Disrupt
Secure Ride Share Club
Premium Mobility
Mobility Vcards

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