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What is the difference between the Actual and Book retail value of my car?

The true market value refers to the average calculation between the M&M trade and retail values of the vehicle and is usually lower than the retail value as per the subscription due to various factors.

When you are planning to trade or sell your car or bakkie – Presentation is everything, Also being honest with the dealer – Meaning – declare accident or any repairs done in the past on your vehicle. This will assist with a future trust relationship between and the dealer.

Dealerships have access to a number of third party data basis, that allow them to access the history of your vehicle. From settlement values to previous insurance claims. As a Potential customer set the benchmark and ensure you negotiate an honest transaction.

Remember not all Pre-Owned Dealerships are dishonest as some people tend to assume- Most accredited Dealerships spend an enormous amount of money building a reputation and a reliable honest customer base. For any dealer, it’s imperative to build a relationship and ensure there’s a future opportunity for them to deliver more than one vehicle to you over a period of time.